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With the challenge to retain and attract new jobs and investment more competitive than ever before, the Coachella Valley is actively reassessing its local strategies. The Valley certainly faces some key challenges. Variations in year-to-year net employment and taxable sales are troublesome, while participation in the local workforce is low and decreasing even further. In addition, there are comparatively low employment percentages in top technology and information sectors. Worker skills need to be upgraded, and there is a wide disparity of wages, incomes and housing values across Valley communities.

Proactively addressing these issues, the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP) — working with key local partners — has launched a process to create a new Economic Blueprint for the Coachella Valley.

National economic development consulting firm Market Street Services has been retained to help facilitate this effort. At the end of the months-long process, the Valley will have an actionable, consensus and forward-thinking strategy to become competitive for the high-value jobs being created in the new economy.